GunDocx® Gun Trusts

What makes a GunDocx® trust unique?  IT’S BUILT TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS AND TO FIT WITHIN YOUR BUDGET.  Silver Edition and Gold Edition clients receive individual counseling and trust training, too.

A GunDocx® Trust is delivered by and through your gun law attorney.  We stand ready to help you when you need us.  Protecting you and your family in this area is our primary objective.

We offer three editions of gun trusts, each with a distinct feature set and price point.  Your GunDocx® Trust is designed to meet your needs and to deal with your personal situation.  For many basic gun owners, the Bronze Trust may be sufficient.  But if you need more, you can let us know what you need and we can recommend the best fit for you.  And, you can restate (upgrade) a trust to the next Edition when you are ready to do so!


 GOLD Edition Trust: Price Varies based on customizations selected, complexity, creativity.  Best choice for collectors, multi-state ownership, legacy planning/family armory.

SILVER Edition Trust:   Great choice for most gun owners with any size collection, who want a full-featured trust and more options.

BRONZE Edition Trust:  Designed for a gun owner who wants to purchase an NFA firearm and to have written guidance on NFA possession and transfer issues.  Limited features, mainly intended to simplify the application process.