The Northwest Gun Law Group members are the attorneys of three law firms dedicated to help every firearms owner enjoy his or her Second Amendment Rights.  We believe in individual rights and personal responsibility.

Whether you need a living trust or Will, to set up an LLC or corporation, to restore your gun rights or to get help with a civil lawsuit, we are here for you.  And, if you carry concealed or use a firearm for personal protection, and you are concerned about dealing with the immediate aftermath of a gun-related incident, ask us about our CITIZEN DEFENDER™ Program.

Principal Attorney Dennis Brislawn is the creator of the GunDocx® Trust System, distributed nationally by WealthCounsel, LLC, and he teaches lawyers gun law across the country.

Together with these quiet professionals… we practice what we preach.  PROTECT | PRESERVE | PASS ON your legacy.

Please join our growing gun owner community.  Know who has your back.