Another Form of Gun Control: Government Shutdown Affects the Firearms Industry by Alex Kincaid 

By  Dennis Brislawn

Did it cross your mind yet how the government shutdown is affecting the firearms industry?  Listen to my interview on the Austin Hill Show as posted on Rare – Former Prosecutor Talks Shutdown and Gun Licensing.

Here’s the short list:

  • BATFE and the State Department have furloughed the majority of their non-law enforcement personnel;
  • FFL applications are NOT being processed or will be delayed due to reduced processing agents;
  • NFA transfer applications are NOT being processed and tax stamps are NOT being issued – all but 2 of the ATF’s examiners were furloughed on October 1st

What does this mean?   While we have advised our clients to complete their NFA trusts and submit applications as soon as possible due to the proposed rule changes (see the So-Called Gun Trust Loop Hole), processing of all NFA transfer applications (Forms 1, 3, 4, etc.) is essentially stopped, adding weeks to months to the current 7 to 9 month wait time.  In addition, businesses waiting for renewal of their FFLs may have trouble getting the renewals on time.  Manufacturers and importers will also be effected due to the non-processing of marking variances and import applications.

To learn more or review the effects at anytime, visit the following sites:






About the author 

Dennis Brislawn

Dennis is a partner in Northwest Gun Law Group.

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