We frequently present our gun trust system to groups.  Whether it be a gun club at work, a private gun range/organization, or a group of friends, we would be happy to schedule an event.  We take the group through an in-depth powerpoint presentation that covers all of the issues involved with owning both NFA and non-NFA firearms and walk the group through how to use a Silver Gun Trust to its fullest potential.

Because we are saving a lot of time in the group setting, we can often discount the price of a Silver Gun Trust by 20%.  Many organizations and clubs have taken advantage of this offer to provide a benefit to members.

Please call us to inquire if you are interested.  We require a minimum of 5 participants as we prepare custom documents to bring with us.  If someone cannot show, we make arrangements to work with him or her individually.

Call us at (855) 486-3629 to schedule a time to talk or to schedule an event.

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