Firearm Sales and Distribution

Many of our clients have extensive firearms collections and we have been asked from time to time to help sell and/or distribute them properly.  We have also helped close estates where the decedent had an FFL and we must work closely with ATF to ensure that the FFL is closed properly and all the details are minded.

We have a team ready to handle any estate need.  We have a fully licensed FFL/SOT, a retired career law enforcement officer, an expert gunsmith, and the legal team as well.

Below are some of our Firearm Sales and Distribution services...

  • Appraisal services – Vital in estate administration, divorce, insurance, and for tax purposes
  • Secure Storage – We have several very large, secure storage options to ensure that assets are protected while the estate is administered
  • Sales and Transfer – We can handle sales of assets from one firearm to hundreds, modern to antique, as well as “Class III” sales of machine guns and other NFA items.  We can also help transfer firearms to named beneficiaries to remove any liability to executors and/or trustees

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