Git Me a Lawyer… 

By  Dennis Brislawn

Lots of gun owners say, “Who do you recommend as an attorney in case I have to shoot someone in self-defense?”  Well, if you need to call a lawyer because you shot somebody… you already are behind the power curve.  A story has already been created for police, prosecutor, the public, the families, friends, etc., and your lawyer will simply inherit that story, good or bad.

Having a lawyer that has experience in criminal prosecutions, especially defending homicide cases, might make some sense.  But maybe it would be helpful to first consider your own readiness for such an event.  How have you prepared for a self-defense encounter, or any kind of confrontation?  How will a zealous prosecutor tell YOUR story?  How will you look – the reasonable neighbor or somebody  looking for a fight?

A gun owner, particularly a CCW holder, might want to do more than just range time or classroom training in the law.  Scenario-based, realistic training that involves a variety of possible responses starts making sense.  Training in avoiding, minimizing, and doing whatever is possible to avoid the need to employ deadly force is compelling story.  The use of deadly force needs to be a surgical decision… to act because there is no other viable option, and to do it instantly.

Whatever the resolution of a conflict, when the police respond being trained in managing the scene is also part of YOUR critical story.  You simply must be able to advocate for yourself to minimize the risk of the wrong story being told in a very stressful situation.  Remember – you tell the truth, but you MUST do so as your own advocate.

This is all part of ending things on the best possible note – going home alive and well if the unthinkable happens and you have to use a firearm or other weapon in self-defense.  Look for more posts on managing a scene… and building your story on why YOU are the neighbor people are proud to know… not afraid of.

About the author 

Dennis Brislawn

Dennis is a partner in Northwest Gun Law Group.

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