Self-Defense Service

Using a firearm, a knife, or some other tool in defense of your life or someone else’s changes your life.  At NW Gun Law Group, we know that you need us at this most critical moment of your life… when you are forced to use deadly force to protect life.

Regardless of what happened, how you act in the next minutes or hours and what you say will control whether you sleep in your bed that night or in a cell, courtesy of the county.  Doesn’t it make sense to add training for what to do, when to do it, how to do it?

Our Self-Defense Service involves working with you to think through what you should do if faced with a life-threatening situation and to prepare you for it’s AFTERMATH.  Our service coordinates legal training and firearms training with well-respected instructors.  The goal is to familiarize you with the laws respecting use of deadly force and methods to help you manage the scene of a gun-related event.

Check out the Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network… it is an impressive reference source and also has a program to help members retain an attorney when needed.  We are affiliated with the Network and are willing to respond to an event for our clients with an appropriate agreement in place.

Whether you fire or not, once you draw a firearm in defense of your life or somebody else’s, your life will change.  YOU HAVE A BETTER CHANCE OF SLEEPING IN YOUR OWN BED WITH PROPER TRAINING AND US ON YOUR SIDE.  


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