Gun Transfers

A gun transfer means far more than a sale, purchase or gift.  Any time another person has actual or possession of your firearms is arguably a “transfer”.  In today’s gun law landscape this means that you should always know why it is lawful for another person to have access to your firearm.

Do you provide the combination to your gun safe to others?  Do others store their firearms in your gun safe for convenience?  Both of these fact patterns involve a type of transfer that may or may not put you or others at risk, regardless of how unlikely that a controversy would arise.

There are three tests for lawful transfer: TItle I, Title II, and state law.  In each case – why is it okay for another person to have access to your firearm.  By access I mean either actual (have physical control) or constructive possession (can get at the firearm).

You can more information by downloading the memoranda available under Downloads on our site.  You may also go to GunLaw Community and visit our page, 2016 Quick Gun Transfer Analysis and download our one-page summary.

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