Gun Trust Pricing

2019 RESPONSIBLE PERSON AMENDMENT (Trusts before 7/18/2019) 

  • 2019 Bronze Trust Amendment
    • Fully restates your Bronze Trust and Owner’s Guide.
    • ONLY $35 to update your prior Bronze Trust to the Summer 2019 Edition!  This is a new version with updated language coordinated with NFA Division.
  • 2019 Silver/Gold Amendment
    • Amends Article Two with 2019 approved language to fix a 2019 “kickback” for a prior approved trust.
    • ONLY $35 for the amended Lifetime Beneficiary/Responsible Person language (No charge to provide a Summer 2019 Amendment if you created a trust in 2019 or amended in 2019)
    • NOTE: FULL RESTATEMENT is recommended for trusts created prior to 2016.  All trusts were reviewed and rewritten in that year, adding new guidance, state law references, fixing bugs/language and adding new forms.

NOTE: ALL Trusts or Amendments created before 7/18/2019 that are pending approval require newly updated language to comply with additional July NFA Division guidance concerning the 41F definition of “Responsible Person”. 

Per ATF guidance a trust amendment should be provided only AFTER a kickback is received.  An amendment will be provided free of charge to clients who created a trust or amendment in 2019. that contained prior-approved language.

Gun law, and gun trust design, changes constantly as federal and state law change.  If you desire the most current trust language and a consultation with us please consider restatement of your trust once you have no pending transfers.



2019 GUN TRUSTS (Original or Restatement of a Prior Trust)


  • $149 for a 2019 New Bronze Trust
  • $35 to fully restate any prior Bronze Trust to 2019 Edition!


  • $650 for a new single individual gun trust*
  • $750 for our new married individual gun trust
  • $250 to for a complete restatement of any prior Silver Trust to 2019 Edition!

*Receive a $125 discount if you attend a group delivery instead of as an individual!

GOLD EDITION TRUST:  Custom designed, so call for a consultation to discuss.  Fees start at $1,500.00.

  • Gold Edition offers all our bells and whistles so we need to discuss your goals.
    • Multistate collections
    • Multi-generational collections
    • Trust Protector provisions
    • Medicaid Trust Planning (Irrevocable Version)
    • Charitable Legacy and/or Annuity Planning


We are lawyers, not just gun lawyers. 

When anyone you know has a legal issue, we are here to help.  There is no charge for an inquiry.  We will figure out how to help or will do our best to help you find you an attorney anywhere in the U.S. to help you.

Need Estate or Business Legal Services?

If we draft your Will or Living Trust along with or after you created your gun trust with us, ask about our Client Loyalty discount program to see if it applies.

Discounted Gun Law Services

Have an ATF or NFA Branch issue?  We offer a reduced hourly rate for many gun trust matters of $175/hr., depending on the matter.  Before our clock starts running you can let us know what the issue is and we will confirm a fair and reasonable fee to help you.*

*We reserve the right to quote a fair and reasonable fee (hourly, fixed, or other) based on the Rules of Professional Conduct where our representation occurs.  Generally a written fee agreement is required.