Gun Trusts

What makes a GunDocx® Gun Trust unique? We build our Gun Trusts to SUIT YOUR NEEDS AND TO FIT WITHIN YOUR BUDGET.

A GunDocx® Gun Trust is built and delivered by a gun law attorney. We stand ready to help you when you need us. Protecting you and your family in this area is our primary objective.

We offer three editions of gun trusts, each with a distinct feature set and price point. We encourage you to check out our COMPARISON CHART to see which one best fits your needs. For many basic gun owners, the Bronze Edition Gun Trust may be all you need. But if you need more, we can assist you in finding the one that best fits your needs. And, you can restate (upgrade) a trust to another Edition when you need the added features. 

For more specific details on each edition of our Gun Trusts, check out the pages below...

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