Bronze Edition Gun Trust

Our Bronze Edition Gun Trust is designed by our attorneys and is intended for the client who has a singular focus – to obtain an NFA firearm with minimum hassle or worry.  It’s budget-friendly and provides a firearms-specific solution.

Bronze is a clearly written, purpose-built and streamlined trust.  To keep cost to a minimum, it is provided without detailed consultation.  The trust is expressly written with a minimal feature set and without opportunity for customization – instead it looks to your other estate planning documents or to state law if you have none to appoint your successor Trustee and for distribution details.

While Bronze is not a full-featured estate plan like our Silver Edition Gun Trust, for the price it is far superior to any conventional trust since it protects your use of NFA firearms.  NFA firearms are easy to mishandle when you attempt to share them with others.  Bronze is a far superior option for NFA firearms than a conventional living trust, whether generic or attorney-prepared, in our experience since it was designed for the purpose and is firearms-specific.

Best of all, when the time comes to upgrade to a Silver Edition Gun Trust, we will credit the fee paid for your Bronze Edition Trust in full towards the upgrade.  Contact 1-855-GUN-DOCX for upgrade information.

To create your BRONZE GUN TRUST, simply fill out the form below and we will be in contact you quickly to help you complete the trust and be protected.

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SIX EASY STEPS TO GETTING AN NFA FIREARM (for example, a Suppressor)

  1. Purchase a Trust
  2. Sign trust in front of a Notary
  3. Drive to gun shop or dealer and pay for a silencer or other NFA firearm
  4. Complete Form 4 (supplied by your dealer)
  5. Write a check for $200 to BATFE (or $5 if you are buying an AOW)
  6. Gun Shop or Dealer will submit your paperwork



PLEASE READ THE LEGAL SERVICES AGREEMENT BELOW BEFORE PROCEEDING TO CREATE YOUR BRONZE EDITION TRUST.  If you need more, we’re here to help you with either the Silver Edition Gun Trust or Gold Edition Gun Trust.  Just let us know how we can help…



If you do not agree to these terms, please contact our office immediately to discuss your needs with a GunDocx™ Attorney.

1. Attorney-Client Relationship. Your completion of an online order for a Bronze Edition Gun Trust (GunDocx™ Bronze) establishes an Attorney-Client relationship with the Northwest Gun Law Group (Attorney) and agree that this Agreement fully sets forth the terms of your legal representation.

2. Scope of Work and Limitations on Representation. Attorney agrees to provide a purpose-built “gun trust” called a Bronze Edition Trust, or GunDocx™ Bronze, a special type of revocable living trust intended for your (CLIENT) use in acquiring, holding and transferring National Firearms Act (NFA) firearms only, during life, periods of incapacity, and at death consistent withWashington State and federal law.

  • This trust is solely intended for Client’s benefit and to hold NFA firearms that can legally be owned in Washington State. Client should NOT execute this trust otherwise and should contact Attorney for consultation.
  • Client is advised to separately execute a Will or Living Trust plan and/or such other legal instruments necessary to accomplish Client’s estate planning goals.
  • GunDocx™ Bronze incorporates and integrates Client’s formal estate planning documents or will rely on State law to appoint successor trustees, or, if none, on provisions of state law to do so.
  • Client can amend the trust at any time; revocation requires prior compliance with local, state and/or federal law.

Upon completion of the online order and payment of the fee, Client is entitled to the following legal services ONLY:

  • Receipt of a single electronic copy of a GunDocx™ Bronze Trust;
  • up to ½ hour of Attorney-supervised assistance in completing the online trust or related to BATFE procedural questions concerning transfer of an NFA firearm;
  • Additional consultation at a reduced fee of $125 for the first hour, then as agreed;
  • Assistance in resolving BATFE Form 4 issues related to the Bronze Trust at no charge IF related to trust design or execution by Client in Attorney’s discretion.

Attorney is available to consult with Client for additional legal services under a separate, written fee arrangement. While neither Client nor Attorney is under any obligation to make such an agreement. Attorney may, in its discretion, credit all or part of the Bronze fee paid towards such legal services.

CLIENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: By completing my trust, I agree to the terms of representation as set forth above; AND I acknowledge that my trust must be dated and signed by Client in front of a Notary; AND I agree that I will not provide a copy of this trust, in whole or in part, for the use of any other person or entity except as set forth in my trust. Completion of my order constitutes my signature for purposes of entering into this Agreement under its terms.

IMPORTANT! Each Trust once purchased must be PRINTED, SIGNED, and NOTARIZED* to be valid.


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