By  Dennis Brislawn

Lots of gun owners have called and asked “what should I do to protect my rights if gun laws change?”  Hard question to answer in the midst of emotional turbulence driven by the latest round of horrible tragedies involving firearms.  The truth is, that with some 80 million gun owners, the vast majority of people are safe, accountable, reasonable gun owners.  But it only takes a few screwballs, criminals, and misfits to make things look far different.

So, for those of us who are law abiding, respectable folks who believe in our Constitution and the protections offered by the Second Amendment as a hedge against tyranny, is there something to do?  YES.  Here are my thoughts.

Patriotic_Desire1.  Become a quiet or not so quiet leader.  Step up your game if you carry concealed.  Learn the mechanics of carry, but even more important learn the law and look for training that helps you learn how to apply the law under stress.  Our team is developing something brand new here because I need it too – training in making decisions to use a firearm or not in self-defense of myself or others, and the legal consequences of that decision.  But I also need to train in managing the aftermath of an event involving a firearm, whether it was employed or not if I want to go home that night or remain in my home.

2.  Consider creating a GunDocx® Armory Trust.  It can be a new gun trust or an upgrade to one you already have.  It starts as an irrevocable gun trust, but that is not all it is.  It is purpose-built with certain special features.

Once you contribute firearms to GunDocx® Armory Trust, your ONE transfer is complete.  This would make legislative prohibitions on later transfers moot and irrelevant.  Not sure who beneficiaries should be?  Not sure who would be a Trustee…?  We have custom solutions to let you build this out to comply with current and even likely future law and to protect your Second Amendment rights.  Know that there are many design features you can select in such a trust if an important goal is to own firearms for yourself, family and friends to use in perpetuity.

We need to respect and thoughtfully consider what has occured in our nation… the horrors committed by the criminal, maybe insane, few, and to stand firm in our belief that those victims rights are precious, but that ours as gun owners are too.

What do you think?

About the author 

Dennis Brislawn

Dennis is a partner in Northwest Gun Law Group.

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