Second Amendment and Personal Accountability 

By  Blaine

Lots of gun owners are sounding off about the Second Amendment.  I applaud the attention that this basic right is getting, especially in the midst of idiocy like the “Fast and Furious” initiative.
But, our “rights” remain in our hands to protect.  The most important thing for us to remember, is that in the exercise of a right we are also held accountable for the results. If we value the 2nd Amendment we must keep up our training! Rights coexist with responsibility.

Many folks focus only on firearms training and time at the range. But that’s only part of readiness… CCW training, especially understanding how to manage an event and interact with law enforcement are critically important to you and your family. When deadly force (or the threat of it) is used in defense, people are going to second-guess you. Understanding the entire context of an event, knowing how to respond and manage information after, will let you sleep at home with your family.

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