The Flock and the Wolves 

By  Dennis Brislawn

Once upon a time there was a Flock of Sheeple living in a lush, fertile meadow.   The Sheeple were full of life, with a zest for experiencing Wonder.  They lived their lives and life was good, even when Storms came or Lightning flashed.   The Shepherd of the Flock watched out for the Sheeple, and over time was joined by Sheepdogs who looked a lot like the Sheeple, and who lived among the Sheeple, but who took it upon themselves to make sure that their mates, whelps and all the Sheeple were safe in times of danger.

The Law of the Flock, handed down by the Sheeple, Sheepdogs, and Shepherds who came before, guided them all and molded them into one Flock.  Together they prospered, and agreed that the Shepherd should guide the Flock and could call upon the Sheepdogs at Need, so that the Sheeple could be happy and safe.  The Law reminded the Flock that the World had evil Shepherds who would steal their wool or take them away and that Wolves might come to devour the Sheeple.  And so the Law was written for Sheepdogs to always have Teeth so that they could protect the Whole Flock, especially their own mates and whelps.  Every Sheepdog took this very seriously, and having Teeth was a great responsibility.  All agreed that a Sheepdog who bit a Sheeple negligently or with intent to cause harm would be punished or even banished from the Flock.

One day a Wolf came and made off with a Sheeple.  Then it happened again.  The Wolves were fierce, with big teeth, and they came in the night and even in the day and some even looked like Sheepdogs!  A few of the Wolves were sneaky, and walked carefully among the Sheeple as if they were Sheepdogs… with plans to make off with a Sheeple for supper!

The Shepherd and the Sheepdogs tried and tried to spot the sneaky Wolves, but the Flock was large, and the Sheeple many, and the Sheeple could not tell the Wolves from the Sheepdogs.  Over time, the Sheeple became afraid of the Sheepdogs since they had Teeth, as did the Wolves.

One of the Sheeple named Piers said, “I am afraid of Teeth because Wolves bite us.  And Sheepdogs have Teeth too, and I cannot tell them apart since Wolves are sneaky.  The only Solution is to remove all Teeth so that we can never be bitten.  We will change the Law of the Flock, and the Shepherd must take care of this so that the Flock will be safe.”

Some Sheeple thought this to be a brilliant idea, many were unsure.  Both Sheeple and Sheepdogs alike agreed that the Law of the Flock said that Sheeple should never be bitten.  But the sneaky Wolves blended in so well that the Flock could not tell them from Sheepdogs, and the Shepherd could not be everywhere all at once.  So the Flock considered that the Sheepdogs should not have Teeth and the Sheepdogs worried about how they could protect their families and the Flock without Teeth.

The Shepherd, knowing well that the Law of the Flock was handed down by generations of Shepherds, spoke to the Flock, but desiring to quiet the Flock and stop Sheeple from being bitten, has a bright idea and said “Perhaps Sheepdog do not need all their Teeth.  Since they are Kin to Wolves, we could change the Law of the Flock so that Sheepdogs and Wolves can only have two teeth.  We need not Fear if the number of Teeth are few.  A Sheepdog does not need a mouth full of Teeth.”  And many of the Sheeple thought this to be a capital idea.

Of course, the Sheepdogs did not fancy losing their Teeth.

And so, the Sheeple talked on and on about the number of Teeth that Sheepdogs might have.  The Sheepdogs worried that their Teeth might be removed…

AND the Wolves, with all their Teeth, laughed, watched, and waited for a chance to be Sneaky.  Remember, WOLVES HAVE NO SHEPHERD to remove their Teeth.

About the author 

Dennis Brislawn

Dennis is a partner in Northwest Gun Law Group.

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