Why Approval of a Form 4 Takes Months… and Months 

By  Dennis Brislawn

I spoke to Ted Clutter, the Supervisor of the Document Examination Section at NFA Branch, BATFE, a couple of weeks ago. Here are some factoids for us to think about:

NFA Branch now gets over 120,000 applications to review, up dramatically from about 80,000 a couple of years ago. There are only ten (10) Document Examiners, or fewer, about the same number as in 1995. We now have a Northwest examiner for WA, OR, ID, named Sandra Snook. Just like Ted was when we spoke for about an hour, she have been very helpful to me on gun trust questions and issues.

Distrust the government all you want, but do the math. NFA Branch is simply overwhelmed and slammed every day. I bet that if they get bathroom breaks they are required to take your trust, LLC, corporation docs with them — only to review!

Volume and same low staffing numbers are why it takes 4 months or so to review. There are lots of applications in front of yours and mine.

I wrote a letter to the Branch Chief about a problem a client of mine has. No response and it has been 8 months. I called and was told that it takes about 9 months to respond to a letter!

Tell your Representative or Senator to get NFA Branch, BATFE a bigger budget or this will remain our reality.

About the author 

Dennis Brislawn

Dennis is a partner in Northwest Gun Law Group.

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