Why Gun Owners Need Our GunDocx Trust 

By  Blaine

Firearms are special tools.  We use them for sport, protection, to collect, to display, and even for investment purposes.  They evoke passion in people depending on how they are viewed… and most people believe that an owner has a responsibility to him or herself and others in using them for their purpose and safely.

Some firearms owners want to acquire “NFA” items such as suppressors that require approval of the local Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO), followed by an application for approval by the BATFE.  They avoid the need to go through the CLEO by using a living trust.  Many get a “free trust” from their gun shop, off the Internet, or create one using a software package.

This is nuts.  It’s dangerous.  It may cause a loved one to commit an “accidental felony”.

Now, a revocable living trust is an agreement designed to take title to assets.  It names the grantor (creator or maker) who can change it from time to time.  That same person is usually the Trustee, who will administer the trust, for one or more beneficiaries (again, same person plus a spouse, children, or others perhaps).

The purpose of a well-written gun trust such as ours is to provide instructions on how firearms will be titled, and how they may be shared, by whom, and when.  I created the GunDocx Trust system to avoid lots of problems, not just to make it easier to acquire a federally regulated firearm.

Think of it this way.  A gun safe protects your firearms by preventing them from being stolen or misused.  A gun trust is a legal tool that does the same thing… it controls who can use your firearms and how they can be safely shared during your lifetime, then transferred to persons or entities you select, should you become disabled or should you die. 

Our GunDocx Trust contains detailed guidance to protect your loved ones and friends from committing an “accidental felony” by doing these things incorrectly.  It helps you own, enjoy, and share your firearms collection during your life and after you pass away.

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