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Gun trusts have been all the rage during the past few years.  Gun manufacturers sell them, gun shops sell them, attorneys sell them, you can do one yourself off the Internet... but who backs them up when the laws change?  Do these people actually know the federal and state issues created by a gun trust?  And could anybody (even an attorney) actually write the perfect gun trust to deal with all the unknown future laws?  In my experience, things can always be improved.  Things change, we learn new things, we gain new experiences.  For example, I have practiced law since 1988 [more]
Recently I penned a blog about ATF Rule 41F which affects trusts and other legal entities possessing NFA firearms.  More is coming about it.  There is a lot of information available on this site, and chances are that you know a lot about firearms and gun trusts. Federal law in the Gun Control Act, especially the NFA, and ATF Rule 41F are only part of the story.  An NFA-only or full blown gun trust must also operate under state law.  State firearms law is getting far more complex, and less standardized than ever.  Washington and Oregon enacted new background check [more]
41F has created a storm of legal controversy.  Some bloggers and industry types are crowing that NFA Trusts are “no longer necessary.”  Chicken-little minded gun trust attorneys are saying that the sky is falling and that gun trusts are dead, or even making claims that YOUR gun trust is faulty. Well, neither is really true.  There is far more to the story.  And, changes in the law always require adjustment to behavior and to legal documents.  I have been an estate planner for years, have spent five (5) years or more creating gun trusts for NFA and non-NFA firearms, and the [more]